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Do you study in another country?

Whether you are a student in Europe or the USA, buy comprehensive student medical insurance at an affordable price.

Top health insurance benefits for students abroad:

coverage for hospitalization, consultations, investigations

cover for COVID-19

direct settlement of claims

emergency medical evacuation

liability coverage

zero waiting period for accessing benefits

 easy payment for any period of cover you need - at least 30 days, no more than 365 - can be renewed for up to 5 years


    Extended area of cover

    You're covered not only in the the country where you'll be studying but in the whole area of cover selected: Europe or Worldwide incl./excl. USA

    24/7 cover, starting day 1

    Your student insurance policy becomes active starting your chosen date and offers 24/7 protection, with no waiting period for accidents of sickness.

    Easy to use

    You're free to chose any clinic or hospital from your area of cover and you get direct billing if you choose treatment in the insurer's network so you don't have to pay anything and then claim the expenses.

    Fits most university insurance requirements

    The student medical insurance is created to meet the requirements of most universities in the world.

    Student Insurance product of the year, from 1€ / day

    What does IMG WorldStudy student insurance cover??


    Continuous and day-case hospitalization, surgery, outpatient investigations and consultations, prescribed drugs, medical conditions generated by COVID-19

    Direct settlement of claims

      Medical Evacuation and Repatriation

      Personal Liability

      Freedom to choose your provider

    What IMG WorldStudy does not cover?


    Treatment scheduled in your country of nationality

    Pre-existing medical conditions


    Preventive health checkups

    Dental treatments